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HiKey Resources is a company with subsidiaries in Germany, Australia and Chile which is developing a project management solution predominantly for the mining and construction industry.

Sobre nosotros

HiKey Resources develops a software that is called HiKey. It is a complete suit of modules that help our clients manage their resources such as employees, materials and machine hours better than ever. Whether you are in the field or at the office, HiKey captures your workforce, equipment and / or material data and allocates its costs automatically to projects, tasks, clients, cost centers, etc. Of course we are aware that just capturing data without being able to use it for decision making is a waste of time which is why we have embedded Microsoft PowerBI into HiKey which allows us to build customized business Intelligence reports for our clients. It goes without saying that Time2L also integrates easily in ERP, payroll or other IT systems of our clients.

HiKey was recognized for its innovativeness in several countries because it neither requires our clients to buy special hardware to capture information nor to provide its employees with smartphones. This in turn makes HiKey a very cost efficient but yet extremely powerful and valuable software due to the massive efficiency gains our clients can expect.

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