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Did you hear about Get on Board? Well, you’re looking at it right now :) We are set to shape and transform the digital job market in Latin America, giving startups and tech innovators the spotlight they deserve and helping talented digital professionals find better, more fulfilling workplaces.

We can only realize this mission if we expand and grow, and this is where you come into play.

🚀 Your role

Get on Board revolves a lot around content, so your role is crucial and will expand across several areas:

  • Creating/curating content in English and Spanish for our blogs, product updates and knowledge base. You'll have to both create blog posts of your own and act as editor for others'.
  • Fish for interesting content opportunities and trending topics in the tech recruiting/workplace culture fields.
  • Creating press releases and articles to feed PR.
  • Reviewing and correcting job ads for clarity, spelling and grammar.
  • Creating social media posts in Spanish and English, capturing and enriching our voice and brand.
  • Reviewing our UI copy from time to time and making sure vocabulary use in both languages is consistent, friendly and crystal-clear.

In doing this you'll collaborate with everyone from the CEO to the dev team to the moderation team to the growth team.

Rest assured you'll never be bored!

🔥 The skills

This role is 50% writing, 30% marketing and 20% information architecture. So you:

  • Have outstanding writing skills in both Spanish and English (you'll be thoroughly tested for that). Not only you have excellent spelling and grammar, you are able to write in a nuanced way, convey personality and a sense of humor. In both languages.
  • Are intensely familiar (meaning you can have technical conversations with field experts) with the technology industry. We cannot stress enough how mandatory this is. You saw Silicon Valley the series and/or Mr Robot and understood (most of) the technical jargon. Maybe you did PR for a tech company, or you worked doing creative writing in a digital agency, or you were a journalist for a tech publication. Or maybe you built a career as an information architect. Or you are just a tech professional that writes awesomely and wants to be on the content side of things. Anyway we are going to try your technical familiarity.
  • You feel right at home with structuring, classifying and organizing content. If you are not a librarian already (in which case welcome!), there's a part of you that secretly always wanted to give it a try.
  • You have some sense of marketing writing. Maybe you did work as a creative writer or you just were born with it, but you know how to inmediately translate a brand into words. In two languages.
  • Last but not least, you are fluent in emoji 💥💯✨

🙅 Please don't bother to apply if you:

  • Cannot explain on the spot and in simple words things such as Bitcoin, Internet of Things or subdomain.
  • Cannot spot the typo we purposefully introduced in this job description to test you.

💯 Bonus points

Not required, but you will definitely stand out from the crowd if:

  • You have worked alongside dev teams.
  • You can explain what a DevOps does, what a "tech stack" refers to, or what AWS stands for.
  • You have worked writing for a tech company or startup.

💌 What we offer

We are an unconventional, contrarian company, and you’ll definitely enjoy working with a small team of smart people in a no-bullshit, respectful, honest, extremely agile environment. In addition to that:

  • Flexible work: as long as you deliver, you will enjoy a fully flexible schedule. This job is compatible with family, kids, sports, music bands and hobbies.
  • Truly remote work. As long as you maintain at least 5 hours of overlap with EST timezone and have fast Internet, you can be wherever you want.
  • A compensation that grows alongside our success and your performance.
  • If based in Santiago or Lima, you can cowork with us!


Trabajo 100% remoto El cargo puede ser desempeñado desde cualquier lugar del mundo.
Horario flexible Entrada y salida flexibles, libertad para realizar trámites personales o familiares.
Espacios para charlas internas Get on Board entrega espacio para realizar presentaciones o charlas en horarios de trabajo.
Teletrabajo opcional Algunos días puedes trabajarlos desde tu casa.
Cobertura de conferencista Si dictas una conferencia o charla, Get on Board cubre tus gastos de viaje.
Viajes o retiros de empresa Actividades de integración del equipo fuera del espacio de trabajo.
Reparaciones para tu computadora Get on Board cubre algunos gastos de reparaciones en caso de desperfectos.
Gastos de conferencias Get on Board cubre algunos gastos de conferencias o seminarios relacionados con el puesto.
Vestimenta informal Get on Board no exige ningún código de vestimenta.
Día de cumpleaños libre El día de tu cumpleaños es canjeable por un día completo de vacaciones.

Política de trabajo remoto

Totalmente remoto

El trabajo es permanentemente remoto desde cualquier ubicación del mundo.

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