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Data Engineer en Falabella - BI Corporativo

Empleo finalizado - No se reciben más postulantes

The BI Corporative of Falabella Group is looking for a creative, goal oriented and passionate about technology Data Engineer, to join our strategic and advanced analytics team.

This is an opportunity to be part of a highly talented Data Scientists team and work in a variety of projects with each Falabella Group’s divisions, in order to integrate insights into solutions that deliver results to the organization.

Requerimientos del cargo

The Data Engineer will help to our team of data scientist with the “pre” and “post” tasks related with the creation the algorithms to build models and derive insight from data.

Data Engineer will build data models, infrastructure, and ETL pipelines for:

  • Make structured and unstructured data available.
  • Help to put into production an analytics process built by the data scientist team.
  • Build reports to communicate insights.


  • Translate business requirements to extract data from internal/external systems and work closely with the modeling teams to prepare data for analysis.
  • Assist with further processing of the data to aid data scientist/s during the development process.
  • Move the analytic model developed by the data scientists from the 'sandbox' environment to the real production/operational database, or transaction system.
  • Develop reports and/or tools to facilitate understanding of model results and facilitate the use of the business.


  • Experience in designing, building and maintaining highly-available, large data stores.
  • Experience with SQL, Oracle,DB2, Hadoop
  • Claim Data Analytics Integration with R/Python or other relevant ETL development experience
  • Experience with Hadoop eco system
  • Development experience in Data sourcing from Hadoop clusters
  • R, Python, Spark, MapReduce, HBASE, HIVE or H20 development experience


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  • Giftcard vestuario semestral.
  • Giftcard de fiestas patrias y navidad.
  • Descuentos en las empresas del grupo.
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